Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sea Marshals: Gen. Petraeus Endorses Sky Marshals at Sea - #39

General David Patraeus

Apart from my stint as a Federal Sky Marhal over 35 years ago, or Air Marshal as they call in-flight armed guards these days, I have no extensive training or experience in security. Still it seems reasonable, and expedient that the concept of on-board teams of armed and trained personnel might work to protect the commercial ships currently being ravaged by pirates off the Somali coast. So, I tossed that idea out into the vast, uncharted Bloggosphere via this blog about a week ago.

Yesterday I read that no less an authority on combat, military strategy and related matters such as maritime security than General David Patraeus the former commander of the multi-national forces in Iraq and proponent of the "surge" that worked so well to quell the insurgents agrees with me. You read more about his comments on

If that link doesn't work, the article is dated April 24 and was authored by Tony Capaccio.

The generals concurrence means either that I'm a military genius like the general, or that the idea is a pretty obvious solution to the problem. I tend to support the latter conclusion. Either way, the owners and operators of the ships whose cargo and crew are potential victims to the hordes of kat-chewing, teenage Somali bandits should seriously consider the idea.

And, no, I'm not offering up my rusty skills for the offer. The last time I was on an ocean -oing vessel was in 1965 when the U.S. Army was transporting me some 3,500 other soldiers to Germany. 7 days bobbing in the choppy waters of the North Atlantic with a ship of nauseated landlubbers scrubbed any desire for sea faring from my soul.

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