Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sky Marshal Story - 40th Anniversary Sky Marshal Reunion

Darrell Henderson, TASOS class #19 is organizing a reunion of Custom Security Officers, former Treasury Agents who who flew as Federal Sky Marshals prior to the CSO's taking wing, as it were. Here is the e-mail I just received from him. In case you don't read all the way to the end, his contact is

Hello Everyone,

I have been promising to send out current information about the planned reunion celebrating the 40th anniversay of the CSO program. I am presenting what I have as of today (July 9, 2009) and I hope all of you will atten the get together.

I have reserved a banquet room in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the evening of Saturday, September 11, 2010. The Banquet room is at the BPOE hall in Las Vegas. The reason the evening of Sept. 11, 2010 was chosen is that on Sept 11, 1970, President Nixon announced to the nation his plan to counter the hijacking of American aircraft around the world.

After receiving responses from other former CSO's, I will be inviting to the reunion any former Department of Treasury agent who was asked to fly (as a Sky Marshal) prior to the hiring of the CSO's, that trained CSO's either at Ft. Belvoir or downtown DC, or who were members of the Customs Agency that were tasked to be our program supervisors during the four years, more or less, of the program.

The anticipated cost of the dinner is $60 per person. It is also anticipated that this will cover the cost of the banquet room, the dinner, decorations in the room and some entertainment. As this may be a once-in-a-lifetime gathering, I would like to suggest that the dress be semi-formal to formal. It is my desire that if there is any contributed money left over, after all the expenses have been met, the extra funds will be donated to charity.

When planning your trip to the reunion, please feel free to invite your spouse, boy/girl friend, or significant other. Also, if there is sufficient interest, I would like to see about an informal mixer on Friday, September 10th at a different location. I am thinking about the Marine Corps club in Las Vegas.

I will be sending our updated information to the associations of retired agents for Customs, Secret Service, DEA, IRS Internal Security and ATF extending the invitation to the reunion to any of their former agents who participated in the CSO program or acted as Sky Marshals at the beginning of the Nixon program. I will be trying to contact as many organizations as I can think of that might have former CSO's as members. These groups will include Customs, NTEU, NARFE, AARP, Fraternal Order of Police, FLEOA and any other group that comes to mind. If anyone has contacts with any of these organizations, or any other related organization that might have former CSO's as members, please let me know so that I can get the word out. My dream is to sell out the room.

As always, please pass this information on to anyone that you are in contact with who would qualify to attend the reunion. Also, does anyone have a new e-mail address for Larry Ryan. The address I have is DHS and I hear that he recently retired.

Best regards to all and I am anxious to meet you in Sept. 2010. Hope to hear from you soon saying that you will be there.

Darrell Henderson

To learn more, or to respond, please contact Darrell directly at