Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sky Marshal Story - 40th Anniversary Sky Marshal Reunion Scheduled for September

Darrell G Henderson writes that he is still trying to reach out to former Customs Security Officers and Treasury agents who were part of the Nixon-era Sky Marshal program. Darrell has been in recent contact with quite a few CSO's about the reunion dinner he's put together to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the program.

The date for the dinner is September 11th. The dinner will be held in Las Vegas. Darrell has thoughtfully prepared a flyer which you can get by e-mailing him at:

Darrell has received responses from about 75 former CSO's from around the country, including yours truly, as well as a half dozen former Treasury agents who also participated in the program. He's planned an enjoyable evening. September isn't far off best make some reservations now.


Hilman Dudley Class 29 said...

Great article on the old Sky Marshal program. Steve do you still have contact information on the Customs Security Office group? I attended TASOS Class 29. Hilman Dudley

Dragon Rider said...

I was one of the Army military personnel assigned as a Sky Marshal in 1970 under Nixon's directive. I was assigned to Braniff Airlines out of Miami Florida.

Tom Adams,