Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sky Marshal Story - The Graphic Novel

Welcome to the next iteration of the Sky Marshal Story. I'll be adding new pages from time to time. I'd appreciate your thoughts.


Hubert said...

This is great!

Stephen Rustad said...

Thanks for your encouragement!

Unknown said...

Hi, a U.S . Army Military Policeman, assisgned to the Presidio of San Francisco, Ca., I worked directly for the Post Commander Col. John L. Fellows. It was via his interview and orders that I was assigned in movement orders to..."Operation Grid Square." I later learned about my new assignments to be that of Special Operations Training for service, assigned to the FAA as an armed guard traveling inside civilian aircraft while in flight. I am a "Sky Marshal" in service during the 1969-70's. I flew domestic and international.

If you are still working with programs, or setting about plans to bring us all together again...I would like to know more. As I said...I had no idea anyone even cared about us. After the assignment, I was presented with an Army Commendation Medal, and I returned to my unit. That was the last I heard of one of the most exciting times of my life. If you need proof of who I am as it relates to the assignment...I still retain many of my orders, certificates of training, and assignment documents. For some reason these documents have stood the past of time and remain with me.

I Would like to hear from you, and to know more about what you plan in the future. I may know some of the people who have contacted you. It has been a long time since I worked with them.


Ron Hudson, Sr. (Flying International)
Air Host End, Rockaway, Blvd,
Kennedy Airport, New York

Unknown said...

Hello Ron, I too was with Operation Grid Square. My class was Increment 10. Upon graduation from the course at Fort Dix, N.J. we were bused to New York and worked out of the Air Host Inn next to JFK. I was assigned to fly with TWA along with two other Sky Marshals that were Navy MAs. 11 hour flights got old real quick. I left the program and returned to the 553rd MP Company at Fort Campbell KY. I hope these many years have been good to you and your family. I made a career of the Army and upon retirement stayed in the law enforcement field retiring in 2008. Be well and take care. RBH, Yakima Washington